The surf here is fun for everyone. The beach break in front of the hotel known as "The Boom" offers peaky hollow waves.
A short boat ride away "The island" has two breaks that Provide high performance waves on all tides. Close by there are many beaches to explore as well as a variety of softer relaxing spots to enjoy.

In front of the Hotel

One of the nice things about staying with us is that you can just walk out to the beach. There you will find a beach break that compares to Hossegor or Baja Malibu.

Just a short walk down from the main peaks the waves get smaller and softer.

The Island

We can help you get to the island by boat. We arrange beach front pick ups in front of the hotel.
This really helps out the guests that don't have a car. This wave is fun for all level surfers.

Rates : $25 - $40 per boat trip.

Neighboring Beaches

There are many other beaches near by. Nawalapa bay, Manzana and Aposentillo are a couple of our favorites.
We can help arrange day trips for anyone who would like to have a look around.

Rates vary depending on your choices.

Surf Board Rental | Repair

You can look for Isaac in his work shop behind the AC rooms or you can ask the front desk to call him.
We recommend that you ask Isaac about price and how long your repair will take. If you would like to leave any broken boards, we recommend you give them to Isaac.

Surfboards for rent.
$15 per day
$30 for 3 days
$50 per week